Earthshaker Institute Sinking Building Kit

Thanks for you interest in adding what your Earthshaker Pinball should have had in the first place.. An Earthshaker institute building that moves! We have tried to make a product that is as easy to install as possible without the need to hack apart you machine, yet give you all the benefits of the original moving Earthshaker building. All components used, were machined by myself, or commercially purchased. All kits include a wire harness that supplies all the inputs to the add on unit, without the need to hack apart your wire harness - Pay Pal Only - SUPPLY IS LIMITED! Order link is at the bottom of the page

In the Box!


Full Earthshaker Institute Sinking Building mechanism, ready to plug and play


1 Institute Mechanism
1 Wiring Harness
2 #10 Washers
1 Installation Manual


Overall picture
140 KB




For starts, you may want to take a peek at the manual.. A PDF viewer is required to view the manual

Earthshaker Institute Sinking Building install man. 

Earthshaker Institute Sinking Building manual

Title: An upgrade for William's 1989 Earthshaker Pinball Machine


Parts list and installation instructions?




Monitor Information?


Number of pages


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Wanted to say a HUGE Thanks! to Mark Davidson and Al Warner for
delivering a top quality kit for ES! The kit is super easy to install
and works great. It's been over a year wait but well worth it in my
opinion. The drop down bldg kits adds a neat feature to an already
great game. It's guys like them that make this such a great hobby
where you can add a prototype feature to your game thru their hard
work and dedication. Thanks guys!! I must say the kit is "OOOO

D. O., CA

It works very well and looks cool as hell. I am very satisfied. The
hardest part was putting in the two screws into the playfield to hold the
unit in place. You need to be a bit of a contortionist, but if you own
pinball's that is par for the course.

H.B., Maine

I´ve got the kit today and i immidiately began to modify my building.
I have to say that this kit has really a very good qualitiy, I was pretty surprised and I
think it was totally worth the money cause it revaluate a production Earthshaker so much!
I think one can say it makes an Earthshaker 50% more beautifully and more attractively to play!!!
You did a really good job!

M.S., Germany

This Kit is presently SOLD OUT. Email if you wuld like made one made for you

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