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The Tribute
I only ever saw one of these at a Chucky Cheese, in the 80s. What I great game that had lost of play time for the teenager that never had enough quarters. I went to Lots to get a hold of this one so keep reading!

push boyThe Facts

Manufactured by Bally Midway, Domino Man holds a copyright of 1983. You control a little guy who runs around the screen stacking up dominos to pre-set 'dots' that form a line or a shape. Random people walk around an attempt to knock over the entire line of dominoes and there is a bee that hunts you down. A level is completed when you string the entire line of dominos and knock them down. In addition to pictures of dominoes around the monitor, the lower front portion of the cabinet (around the coin door) sports several large vacu-molded plastic dominoes.

Domino Man

    beeSo what's your story?

    I had to have this game! I didn't play it TOO much when it was out but that was due to the fact that it was only operated in one arcade in my area in the 80s. But whenever I was in Chucky Cheese, that's where you could find me. Popping quarters into Domino Man as this was the only chance I would get to play her, until I could find my way back (which wasn't too often) to Chucky Cheese. Domino man has a great soundtrack of the Maple Leaf Rag that plays as you set up your dominos, and the Maple Leaf Rag, as well as piano ragtime in general, has always moved me. So its no wonder that even the soundtrack pulled me in. Another interesting quirk to the game is the way each game ends. After the game is over, the game will have a poem displayed on the screen to evaluate the player's performance on the game. For example:

    Roses are red
    With dew drops they shine
    Your 116 dominoes
    Is doing just fine.

    Well in the first year I started collecting, the hunt began. None at the auctions, but then I spotted it on the RGVAC newsgroup. One Domino Man working in nice shape. I emailed the seller immediately and was sending my cash by the end of the week.
    O.K., Now that I paid for it.. How was I going to get it???? It was in Boston and I was in NJ… About a 4 ½ hour trip on way… Not too bad but my wife would be pissed. Well as luck would have it, There was schooling going on in about a month in Boston that I was to attend. Looking over the map and chatting whit the guy I bought the machine from, we worked it out that I would pick it up one night the week I was In the Boston area. The transfer went off very well. I picked up the machine the day before I was to drive home and left it well wrapped in plastic strapped to the trailer outside of my hotel overnight awaiting the drive home back to New Jersey. Good thing I wrapped it well too because it pored, none stop the next day…. All the way home. But the machine was undamaged from the elements

    clockThe Restoration

    Once again, putting the extra money up front, makes for an easy restoration. The worst part of the whole machine was the terrible monitor burn in. I opted for a Welles Gardner monitor to replace it with. As you can see from the side-by-side picture, the amount of burn that was in the tube, driving the monitor replacement! Replaced some bulbs, re-keyed the door locks and put in the Basement Arcade!

    More of the poems!

    The poems were originally ALL CAPS but are modified here for readability. The letter X refers to digits in the
    number of dominos and does not appear anywhere else in the poems.

    Roses are red
    And need lots of water
    With only x up
    You just blew a quarter

    Roses are red
    And so is your face
    If xx dominoes
    Is all you could place

    Roses are red
    With passion they burn
    You set up xx
    Just practice and learn

    Roses are red
    And grow even redder
    With xx set up
    You will get better

    Roses are red
    Or so goes the verse
    You set up xx
    You could have done worse

    Roses are red
    And need lots of rain
    After setting up xx dominoes
    You should try this again

    Roses are red
    And smell up the place
    But xx dominoes
    Is no sign of disgrace

    Roses are red
    Some white even black
    With xx set up
    You are on the right track

    Roses are red
    The girls love them madly
    Xx dominoes
    Is not doing too badly

    Roses are red
    And sometimes are white
    With xxx dominoes
    You are showing some fight

    Roses are red
    With dew drops they shine
    Your xxx dominoes
    Is doing just fine

    Roses are red
    And violets are blue
    You got xxx up
    My hats off to you

    Roses are red
    And grow in the sun
    You put up xxx
    You son of a gun

    Roses are red
    And like their roots damp
    With xxx up
    You play like a champ

    Roses are red
    Or even vermilion
    You got xxx
    Now go for a million

    Roses are red
    And have fanciful names
    With xxx put up
    You are quite good at games

    Roses are red
    And have bees in for dinner
    Xxx dominoes
    Makes you a sure winner

    Roses are red
    Or so i have been told
    With xxx set up
    You knocked this game cold

    Roses are red
    Petunias are not
    You put up xxx
    That is hotter than hot

    Roses are red
    They are sold by the dozen
    You set up xxx
    The whole place is buzzin

    Roses are red
    Like no other flower
    With xxx set up
    You have domino power

    Roses are red
    Even when plastic
    Your set up of xxx
    Is super fantastic

    Roses are red
    In sunshine or rain
    You set up xxx
    You are a domino brain

    Roses are red
    Like the bullys complexion
    Your score of xxxx
    Is certainly perfection

Do you have a Domino Man arcade game and need some of it's technical information? Visit the library for the full manual. Click Here for the wiring Pinouts. Having sound problems? Click Here for some MCR troubleshooting!

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