Aug 2001

Dear Diary
The Family and I are on Vacation Disney, FL! I have found a few arcades in the park! The first is the Pizza Planet arcade, modeled after the arcade Toy Story.. cool!

Pizza Planet.JPG
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Arctic in Pizza Planet.JPG
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Daytona 2 twin in Pizza Planet.JPG
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Motor Raid and Top Skater in Pizza Planet.JPG
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18 wheeler in Pizza Planet.JPG
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Wave Runner in Pizza Planet.JPG
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Over by Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom I found another arcade.. Look at what was there!

Speed thrill at the Magic Kingdom.jpg
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8 linked Daytona machines at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Daytona 2 single and Califorina Speed at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Episode 1 and Revenge from Mars at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Harley Davidson at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Lots of sit down machines at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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4 well kept pinball machines at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Star Wars Racer at the Magic Kingdom.JPG
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Back at "home" and the Old Key West Resort where we are staying, there is no shortage of machines too. There are actually 2 arcades in the resort. The first one is the Electric Game Room towards the reception area.

Electric Gameroom at Old Key West.JPG
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The Simpsons and Star Wars at Old Key West.JPG
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Legends at Old Key West.JPG
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Simpsons Bowling at Old Key West.JPG
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Super GT at Old Key West.JPG
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The Second game room is by are pool. The Flying Fish Game Room is not a big as the Electric Game Room but it is defiantly closer!

Flying Fish Gameroom.jpg
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Point Blank and Vs Capcom in the Flying Fish Gameroom.JPG
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Die Hard Arcade and Tekken 2 in the Flying Fish Gameroom.JPG
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Namco Classics in the Flying Fish Gameroom.jpg
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Califorina Speed in the Flying Fish Gameroom.jpg
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