Aug 2001

Dear Diary
It was our last day here in Disney Land and we are headed to Downtown Disney to hit Disney Quest. The top floor had more of the newer games….
But downstairs had the classics! Look at them all. A gauntlet with full side art!, Mr. Do! Space Wars being operated… Crap! Sorry Dear Diary that the picture came out so blurry and dark. I did not want to disturb the players in the dimly lit room

A whole bunch of clasics.JPG
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More classics against the far wall.JPG
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Asterodis and Deluxe Froger Burgertime and Tempest.JPG
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Berzerk Dig Dug and Defender at Disney Quest.JPG
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Missle Comand Mr do and qbert.jpg
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Donkey Kong and DK jr.JPG
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Guantlet at Disney Quest.JPG
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A Very Dark Luner Lander.JPG
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Robotron at Disney Quest.JPG
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Space War at Disney Quest.JPG
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Spy Hunter Luner Lander Tron and DOT.JPG
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Star Wars Sitdown.jpg
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Star Wars Sitdown screen.jpg
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8 linked Daytona machines at the Disney Quest.JPG
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A blury picture of Millipede and Centipede.JPG
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