Dear Diary,
Part of this weeks travels involved myself and the family going to Hershey Park

one of the greatest amusement parks that includes one of the best in arcades in the area. Our first arcade stop was in the Play Dome. Although the selection was lower on the classic side, any arcade with a Medieval Madness is a friend of mine!

Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Rush 2049 at the Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Medieval and Cactus in the Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Simpsons Bowling Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Mr Driller at the Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Simpsons with black sides at the Play Dome Arcade.jpg
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Stop number two was in the "Arcade"... O.K., the name doesn't say much but the nice selection of machines speaks for itself

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1 of 2 Monaco GP sit sitdown machines.jpg
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