Dear Diary
Took a trip to southern Jersey today to visit fellow collector Steve Zunner. He has the most awesome collection of games! A Durmold Blaster, Star Wars, A cool Zoo Keeper, Mad Planets and more!
Took a bunch of pictures.. Just look Dear Diary!

Steves Blaster and Sinistar.jpg
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The side of a durmold blaster.jpg
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Blaster's control panel.jpg
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Blaster Screen Shot.jpg
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Another Blaster screen shot.jpg
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Mad Planets.jpg
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Mad Planets Control Panel.jpg
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Mad Planets Side.jpg
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Stargate and Robotron.jpg
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Asteroids Deluxe.jpg
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Tempest and Starwars.jpg
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Joust 2.jpg
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The side of Joust 2.jpg
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Turkey Shoot.jpg
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Turkey Shoot's Gun.jpg
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The side of Turkey Shoot.jpg
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Turkey's screen shot.jpg
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Warlords Cocktail.jpg
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