Here is my arcade diary, that documents other arcade games I have come across in my journeys, Visits to other collectors houses, game rooms, classics found in hotels, Etc. I don't travel too often but when I do, I have my camera with me.

Steven Zeuner House 1-24-1998

Willow Valley 3-30-1999

Jersey Shore 8-16-1999

Ft. Waine, Indiana 3-10-2000

Ronald McDonald House 8-14-2000

At Disney Land 8-2001

Disney Quest 8-2001

Willow Valley 3-31-2002

Roadhouse 4-8-2002

Jillians 4-9-2002

Dave And Busters, Atlanta GA 6-14-02

Hershey Park, Hershey PA 8-25-02

Willow Valley 4-20-2003

Days Inn Allentown 5-3-03

My Summer Vacation 8-5-03

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