Dear Diary
Still In Atlanta GA. Found a Julian's down here and since they are pretty scarce back home I decided to stop in for some drinks and a good night playing games. Although the games were cool I couldn't help but notice tome lack of maintenance on the pins. Since the only 2 Pinball offered to play were Stern's Austin Powers and High Roller, I was disappointed to see them as dirty as they were. To add insult in injury, as I was playing High Roller I was approached by and attractive Brunette. As I finished my game, I turned to here and said, "For the age of these machines, it is upsetting how dirty they are". She then said to me "can I ask you for a favor?" to witch I responded:"sure". Can you take you camera outside?" She asked. I said "sure" but wanted to know why. Her response was "for security reasons"
Security reasons?? How much security does a F*!#ing arcade need ? How was my casual snap shots upsetting the 5 other people in this empty arcade. What world, endangering piece of info would be leaked out to the general public when they see a picture of Silent Scope?
I quietly agreed to put the camera in my car but was more upset that I was given a Bull shit answer for removing my camera. I spent the reset of my nigh looking for that bitch to get the real reason for my camera ban but to no avail
Diary, Ill tell you.. Julian's sucks…. Go to Dave a Busters!

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