Dear Diary,
This year the family and I took our normal trip at Easter time to Willow Valley on 4-20-03. Willow Valley has always had two half way decant game rooms, so I was excited to see what would be there this year! To my disappointment, none of the games had been rotated out in a full year. That's right, the same games I took pictures of last year are captured again a year later. I was happy to see that someone took the time to clean Indianapolis 500 over the past year, as last year, it was a mess.
After a visual scan of the room, I dropped some change into Attack from Mars and played a game or two. I then shifted my attention to Indianapolis 500 as I had never played the game before. After launching the first ball, I suddenly realized that the operator pitched the machine way too much and the ball was lost within seconds. Ball 2 and 3 went pretty much the same way. This really made me mad as the machine played way to fast to even take the time to learn the rules, plan shots, or even enjoy the cool toys on the machine. Toss on to that that the left flipper would not "hold up" if the button was held in but instead would only pulse once if pressed.
Time to stick it to the man! I bent down and jammed my leg under the bottom of the machine a leveraged the front legs off the ground. A few twists of the leveling feet and the machine was pitched correctly. Time for quarters set number 2!
What I great game! With the machine set correctly, I was making shots I couldn't do before, had the opportunity to set up shots and watch my game take form…. Even with a bad flipper! I got high score, some extra balls and even a replay! Whoo Hoooo! Stick it to the man!
The other game room was equally disappointing but nothing that could be corrected from outside the glass. Theater of Magic had all its balls stuck, Junkyard played but half the switches didn't work and bulbs were out everywhere. Outrunners would coin bet not start etc… We will see what next year brings. Plah!

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