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It was the early summer when we all piled in the car to make the trip from New Jersey to the edge of Baltimore, Maryland to see the Videotopia show. Al Warner (of Alís World) Jeff Kindler (of the dragons lair project) and his girlfriend and a couple friends we met on the way all hop it the car for the 4 hour journey to the Museum for a day of fun.

For those not familiar with the Videotopia Expo, It is A traveling museum collection of classic coin op games with additional trivia insights to video gaming in general, console and coin op.
We met Jeff Anderson outside the door who got us in and provided us with a private tour into the "behind the scenes" of the Videotopia show. With that said, we spent the day playing! Click the icons below for pictures of our day of fun!

The one that started it space.jpg
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Computer Space instructions.jpg
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4 Tempests in a row for playing.jpg
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A row of Atari vectors.jpg
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I spent some time that day playing Red Baron.jpg
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More Atari vectors.jpg
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Until this day, I had never played any of these Sega Vectors.. Eliminator and Zector a cool games!.jpg
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Even Nintendo was present.jpg
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Four System1 games in a row.jpg
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I dumped lots of money in to gunfight... too bad it was not running.jpg
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One of my favorites..Blaster.jpg
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Cool! the original concept drawings for Blaster!.jpg
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A Not-to-common,Sinistar Sitdown and isnt that the Star Trek Sitdown from one of the NJ auctions.jpg
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You don't see many Missile Command sit-downs!.jpg
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An Atari catbox to help with board repairs.jpg
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Jeff shows off his workbench.jpg
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