What is now known as The Multi Arcade Machine Emulator started in January 1997, as single emulators for different games, written by Nicola Salmoria. Most of us still remember Nicola's Multipac, Ladybug, and Pengo emulators. It has since evolved into an absolutely incredible emulator, capable of running z80, 6502, 6809, 68000 and 8086 based games. The emulator currently runs well over 340 games, a lot of which have sound, proper colors, high score saving, etc. Another great thing about this emulator, and why it has developed so fast is because of all the great people involved in either writing drivers, providing ROM images, schematics, or other valuable information. The current project coordinator is the extremely talented Mirko Buffoni

We don't offer the ROM images, or binaries here as there are a few sites that support this project better then I could ever hope to so visit the links below to play all the games featured here in the Basement Arcade.

Remember. This is a link page to emulation software. Please visit the sites to download the needed program and files to run arcade classics on your PC. And please direct your how to question to the operators of these sites.

 Dave's MAME page
Vintage Gaming Network Welcome this new addition link to a kick ass emulation site!.

 Dave's MAME page Mameworld The biggest MAME resource on the net!

Arcade At Home Arcade@Home Another Great Multiple.Arcade.Machine.Emulator site!

The M.A.M.E. Shack! JoseQ's Emu Views A Once great site that is on its way to closing down.... Visit them before they are gone.

The M.A.M.E. Shack! Power Emulation Offers roms!

The M.A.M.E. Shack! MAMED want to run MAME on Kodak DC265 Digita OS based digital camera? Check here!

Stupid Stupid M.A.M.E tricks good for a chuckle

Stupid RomShare The arcade rom repository

Stupid The Arcade Machine Offers online Java and shockwave games

Stupid Mame marquees Mame marquees, Side Art, Bezels and Control Panels for your Mame cabinet

Stupid SYS2064 SYS2064 - Arcade Emulation Galore!

Stupid Ubercade - MAME Arcade Cabinet Conversion

Stupid First MAME Cabinet

Stupid 1uparcade Uber cool rotating control panel MAME machine

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