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In our tireless search to bring the operators of America the finest in reproduction parts for Pac-Man, Two Bit Score was fortunate to discover the last new Ms. Pac-
man game.
Standing in the back
of the warehouse at
O'Connor's Distributing
in Dallas since 1982, this
Ms. Pac-man machine
has never been unboxed.
According to Bobby O,
towards the end of the
production run Midway
was offering a free Ms.
Pac-man game to distrib-
utors who would buy

other new games for full price. He recollects having dozens of new Ms. Pac-mans lined up out there for awhile. This one was overlooked and pushed around the warehouse all these years. Other than some scuffs on the bottom of the box, it looked brand new.

I personally came across it several years ago on a buying trip to O'Connors. Bobby has always been gracious about letting me crawl around in their warehouse, probably because I buy all the
junk no one else wants. I tried to get him to open it then, but he
was saving it. "Not going to be worth any less next year," he'd
tell me. After pestering him for years, I finally convinced

him to open it so we could send the graphics out and have the
silkscreen artwork reproduced exactly. The results are beautiful, perfect reproduction graphics for the Monitor bezel, control panel overlay and marquee header.

Three generations of O’Conners were on hand for the
unveiling. Pictured above from left to right are Marty
O'Connor, Bill O'Connor, technician Jim Dailey, Two Bit
Score's Bob Sokol, Bobby's son Mikey Bobby O'Connor.
(Sadly, Bill O'Connor has since passed away.) Bobby, Mikey
Marty and Jim are again pictured below with the yet-uncrated
"Ms. Pac."
Before we opened the carton there was quite a bit of specula-
tion as to what we would find inside. After nearly 20 years of

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