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This is starting to become a regular event for me. Once again the Pinball Wizard convention hit town and it was as enjoyable as ever
As in previous years, the latest new Stern creation was Ripley's Believe It or Not. As in other years I stayed away from Ripley's, as the newest pin always has the longest lines. Who want to wait on line with so many other good titles ready to play? For this reason I got some good time in on Simpson's Pinball Party (last years hot pin) as well as some time on Apollo 13, which until this day I had never played. After doing some rounds with Apollo, I think that Ill be looking for one of these for my own. Games I wanted to play that were missing from this years line up were Galaxy, but other then that, the room was filled with great pins to play. Bonsai Run was there as well, and I spent some time on that as well. Another really cool game!
Outside the weather was great and the parking lot was filled with the normal swap meet. Lots of used equipment and parts, same as every year. I neglected to take pictures outside again this year, but I'm sure the 70 other pictures will make up for it.
Back inside there was the compilations and seminars. As well as venders selling mods, parts and other game room accessories. Al Warner did his seminar this year on pinball customizing showing off his tricked out Twilight Zone. I have never wanted a TZ till I say Al's. Some people say that Pinball mods are just plain wrong, but all the color that is added to game like TZ when you fill the gumball machine with gumballs, or add a light or two to a playfield toy really rock out an already good game. Enjoy the pictures.

Bride of Pinbot.jpg
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Fireball and Alive home machines.jpg
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Kings of Steel.jpg
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Roller Coaster Tycoon.jpg
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3 in a row.jpg
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Who Dunnit.jpg
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Close Encounters.jpg
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Eight Ball.jpg
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High Hand.jpg
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Lucky Hand.jpg
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Pin Bot.jpg
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Sharkey's Shootout.jpg
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Solar Ride.jpg
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Black Pyrmaid.jpg
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Jungle Princess.jpg
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Neon for sale.jpg
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Backglass for sale.jpg
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Playfields for sale.jpg
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Road Kings.jpg
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Rocket 3.jpg
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Ship Ahoy.jpg
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Simpsons Pinball Party.jpg
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Space Jam.jpg
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Space Mission.jpg
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