Free Play Room - No machine allowed to rest.JPG
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Free Play Room - Monster Bash, No Fear.JPG
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Free Play Room - Black Knight and the 2000 version.JPG
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Free Play Room - Attack From Mars and The Shadow.JPG
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Free Play Room - Mr and Mrs Pac man.JPG
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Free Play Room - Dirty Harry, Creature and Circus Voltaire.JPG
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Free Play Room - More machines ready for play.JPG
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Free Play Room - Dr Who got a good workout as did Arabian Nights.JPG
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Free Play Room - Gamatron and Galaxy.JPG
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Flea Market - Overall view.JPG
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Flea Market - Another overall view.JPG
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Flea Market - Class of 1812.JPG
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Flea Market - Pac Land and a Capcom bowling.JPG
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Flea Market - Rocket 3.JPG
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Flea Market - Tron Cocktail.JPG
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Flea Market - Spanisheye.JPG
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Flea Market - Asteroids cocktail.JPG
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I didn't plan on this but here I am, The Pinball Wizards Convention for 2002. As a last minuet addition, Al Warner talked me into bringing my Dr Who to the show. Al would be holding a seminar on how to shop a pinball, and we both wanted to show off the moving Dalek head kits, so I broke it down and tossed it in the trailer and headed to Allentown, PA. Friday night was setup and a little play time, but the main events started on Saturday. There was a Candy guess for the kids, (winner got the candy) T-Shirts, door prizes (VCRs, DVD Player, neon clocks and a pachislo slot) , an outside flea market, indoor venders and the seminars as well . Lots to do, Lots to see and an overall good Friday and Saturday. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Flea Market - Carnival.JPG
38.4 KB

Flea Market - Hercules, almost as tall as the truck.JPG
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Flea Market - NOS Star Cruiser glass.JPG
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Flea Market - Hyperball off to the right.JPG
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Flea Market - Gorf and an Operation Thunderbolt.JPG
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Flea Market - Mystery Castle.JPG
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Flea Market - More video and pins for sale.JPG
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Flea Market - Fast Freddie.JPG
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Free Play Room - Playboy, just removed for the box.JPG
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Free Play Room - Electro mechanicals too.JPG
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Free Play Room - Pinball Magic.JPG
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Free Play Room - Tommy and Road Show.JPG
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Free Play Room - Mac Atack.JPG
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Free Play Room - 6 Million Dollar Man and Star Trek.JPG
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Gene give his stateof the union address on the status of pinball manifacturing 51.2 KB

Vendor area - Steve Young makes a showing.JPG
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Vendor area - Game Room Magazine was there too.JPG
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