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Wild Cargo.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party just removed from the box.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party backglass.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party Chalkboard Award.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party Shoot again.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party Treehouse.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party playfield.JPG
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Simpsons Pinball Party Upper playfield.JPG
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Episode 1 - Revenge from Mars.JPG
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Theatre of Magic.JPG
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Star Wars - STNG.JPG
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Scared Stiff - Jurassic Park - ID4.JPG
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Indiana Jones.JPG
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Both Earthshaker got lots of play.JPG
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Cirqus Voltaire.JPG
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Johnny Mnemonic.JPG
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Frank - Barb Wire - Rescue 911.JPG
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Junk Yard.JPG
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I cant believe that it been a year since the last Pinball Wizards Convention, but this year I had planed on going rather then the last second decision to make the trip if the previous year. Last year we demoed the Moving Dalek head for the Dr Who pinball machine, this year we brought a prototype Earthshaker machine with the moving Earthshaker Institute and our replica of the moving toy, in the standard machine. Our reproduction handled the constant play very well as the rest of the machine shook itself apart. After day one I needed to resolder a handful or wires, replace some ramp switches and repair the shaker motor.
The weather held out for us on Friday and Saturday as the weatherman threatened to send rain our way on both days. It turned out to be so sunny on Saturday that I was pretty sunburned by the end of the day. Good thing for the suns too as the outside flee market would have been pretty messy outside in the rain.
I didn't take any pictures outside this year as the camera was acting up, but there was as many sellers pushing their stuff as last year. One thing that caught my eye was quite a few black hole machines. All were project machine with various degrees of wear, damage and missing parts, but I have decided that I want to tackle one of these some day
There was the normal collection of nice machines on free play in the game room as well as various venders set up just as last year. A new Stern Simpsons Pinball was removed from the box for the first time for our show…. For sure this will be a home run title for Stern. The playfield is super colorful and actual construction of the machine seem to be better then past Stern equipment. The dot matrix video is detailed, funny and well in tune with ball play, I also found the music and sound less annoying then previous titles like Playboy and Monopoly. If that wasn't enough, there were seminars to visit, door prizes to be had and a raffle on Sunday. Another great shoe for the pinball enthusiast!

Beat the clock - Skyline - Olympics.JPG
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Beat the Clock - Skyline.JPG
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Dealers Choice - Ace High.JPG
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Dolly - Strikes and Spares - Memory Lane.JPG
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Flying Carpet - 2001.JPG
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Hi Dolly - Flip a Card.JPG
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Liberty Bell.JPG
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Road Show - Sharkys Shootout.JPG
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Triple Strike - Olympics.JPG
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Take 5 Cocktail Pin.JPG
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Summer Time - Ranch.JPG
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Pin Mame.JPG
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Air Ace.JPG
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Space Shuttle.JPG
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Aragon - Harlem Globetrotters.JPG
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Jacks Open.JPG
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Jet Spin.JPG
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Mr & Ms Pac man - Power Play.JPG
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Restored pins and cocktails ready for sale.JPG
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Restored pins and cocktails now set up.JPG
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Gorf mini.JPG
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When cows fly.JPG
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Galaxy - Quicksilver.JPG
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Harley Davidson.JPG
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Monte Carlo.JPG
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Haunted House.JPG
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Blackout - Fireball.JPG
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