Pinball Wizard's 2005


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Time again for the Pinball Wizards convention, but this year with a twist! For starts the show moved to the Allentown Fairgrounds, which was a mixed blessing. The room was bigger, but the uncarpeted floors and lack of conference rooms made it very loud for all events. Second new thing that happened was it rained.. All day. That sort of washed out the flea market outside :-(
As in past years the latest Stern was there to play. This year the hot pin was the Sopranos, but unlike previous years, I did get to play the newest pin on the market! Yea!
I never got a full count of all the machine there, but I can say I played at least 75% of what was there. Every now and then you would cross a video game there as well
As in previous years, the inside area had competitions and seminars. As well as venders selling mods, parts and other game room accessories. Al Warner did his seminar as he does every year, but this time he shared his time with Shaggy from the TOP series of restoration pinball tapes. Shaggy showed a new technique of playfield restoration that involves printing out decals to recover missing paint on older playfields. The results were remarkable although the whole presentation was plagued with the noise of the room. Shaggy showed prerecorded footage, so this is definitely upcoming on a new TOP tape
I took WAY more pictures this year so there may be a bit more to look through. But even with the large amount of machine there were still some of my favorites I was missing. I really wanted to take another spin at Apollo 13 or Bonsai Run or a Galaxy, but none to be had this year. Let's hope for next years show

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Flea Market

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Vendor Area

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