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Another gathering, as the Pinball Wizards convention rolled out for its 15th year. For me, it was a very different show. Let me explain
Every year I have always brought a pin for the free play room. This gives me the opportunity for free admission, and early entry into the show every day, as participants are encouraged to arrive early to clean their machine and make sure its 100% before the doors open. My issue was that I sent in my registration late. < Sarcasm > Silly me, thought that when I filled out the registration form, that line on the bottom that instructed me to mail it to a specific US postal address, actually meant something! I mean, why didn't I email it or phone it in as the instructions encourage this with a phone number and email address? And now that I'm told that the room is full, I'm sure there is no way to fit one more machine anywhere on that show floor < /Sarcasm > So long story short I went anyway, but not being a participant, I was not allowed in until opening time, so I missed that time I get to load the site with pictures while the place is empty. This is why there are less pictures then normal and the palace is packed once the doors swing open.
The other thing I did different then previous trips was to stay for all 3 days. < Sarcasm >Again, Why would you want another playable machine on Sunday? I understand that the free Play area is just PACKED with equipment on Sunday < /Sarcasm > Yes if you can guess, half the people who bring machines to play, leave Saturday after the show leaving the Sunday show rather dismal.
Other then the mentioned above, it was a good show. Lots to play, plenty to buy and with an extra day to play, it was time to "discover" a new pin. This year I took a close look at Junkyard. This machine runs on a story of a young inventor trapped by Crazy Bob. Our hero decides the only way to escape is to build a flying jalopy by collecting "junk" from the yard. Cool, a simple rule description.. Collect things from around the playfield to build a flying trash chopper. I must have played for hours on Sunday and the game really grew on me. I have heard that, although a collectable machine, if you buy a Junkyard, you won't keep it forever. I guess the simpler rule set shortens the games lifespan but for the moment, it was just what I needed.
Enjoy the pictures

Show Flyer

Inside show

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Flee Market

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