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Once again the Allentown fairgrounds were overrun with pinheads looking forward to 3 days of silverball adventures.
The show was assembled as it was in previous years. Setup is Friday, Saturday is the busy day with the tournaments going on, the Free Play room being well packed and vendors selling stuff in the back half of the room. This year I registered early enough to bring a machine for the Free Play room, so I had free admission for my time there.
For a change I headed up on the earlier side, arriving shortly after 1 in the afternoon. The Flee market was already in full swing so I poked around looking for treasure… and for once, I found some, picking up some video game parts at a 1/16th of Ebay prices.
The rest of the show was pretty much like every other one from that point out. The normal collection of vendors, Steve Young, Marco Specialties, Pinball Inc ect, were all there, and more vendors pushing LED solutions for the older pins
Every year I make it a point to "discover" a pin I have never played. It's always easy to do here, with the sheer amount of equipment at hand. This year's "discovery" was Spectrum, A Bally machine from 82 with 12 targets and 14 Rollovers and 6 kickouts and two spinners. So what's missing from this game? No plunger, pop bumpers or slings kickers. An odd pinball version of the game Mastermind with a great backglass and tons of lights.

Till next year…

Show Flyer

Inside show

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Flee Market

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Vendors, Videos, & Miss.

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