Well I finally attended my first auction, and it was quite exhilarating. Held in Pennsauken NJ on September 27th , It only took me 1 Ĺ hours to get there so Iím sure to go to the next one in November, and of course I bought something so all the Workshop pictures are updated.

After reviewing the mandatory reading "Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Games at an Auction" and gathering all the "tools of the trade" together in a bag, I set out to be there early enough to get my full 1 hour preview before the auction time. Good thing I did too because I snuck in the back door and added and extra Ĺ hour to my preview time and had the opportunity to snap some of the pictures below undisturbed.About 10 cocktail tablesRows and rows of them

To the left are 1 of 4 rows of Video Games!

The picture to the right is all the cocktail tables.. Most of them were not in the best of shape



One thing I like to correct in the "Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Games at an Auction" guide is that although it says that you shouldnít go for boards and parts, I find this statement to be false. The Auction started with just that! Tons of boards, wiring harnesses, control panel overlays, coin doors, etc.

I took down some of the going prices of the older stuff and things that are not as old but I still enjoyed playing, but with over 260 pinballís and videos, auctioning ran for 10 Ĺ hours before it was all sold and I couldnít write it all down.

The Pins

The Pinball Row


All in all Iím as tired as Iíve ever been from standing in a warehouse all day but Iíd do it again in a heartbeat

Remember, this is a listing of the US Auctions, 9/27 show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)



Donkey Kong $120

Gauntlet $325

Space Invaders

Donkey Kong Cocktail $ 95

Rally Bike Cocktail $190

Rally X Cocktail $140

Space Invaders Deluxe Cocktail $ 95 (had monitor problems)

Space Invaders Deluxe Cocktail $190

Mr Do! Cocktail $200

Arkanoid Cocktail $325

Pac Man Mini $405 (very clean!)

Out Zone $ 45

Thunder Fox $95

Centipede $250 (C+ condition)

1943 $85

Centipede Mini $260

Golden Axe $55

Pac Man $155

Arkanoid $160

Ghost & Goblins $55 (Dedicated)

Rabbit Punch $65

Willow $55 (Dedicated)

Operation Wolf $280 (In Nice Shape)

Double Dragon II $65

MKII $160

Super Mario Bro. $35

Super Mario Bro. $25

Krull $60

Ms. Pac Man $320

Ms. Pac Man $455

Galaga $345

Tempest $550 (Nice condition!)

Gorf $175

Satan's Hallow $100

Crime Fighters $ 95 (4 Player, 2 monitors)

Ataxx $45

Street Fighter II $35

Quartet $95

BurgerTime $280 (I bided on this but backed down)

StarGate $370

Off Road $225

Q bert $145

A Tempest in great shape

Now THIS is old!


A great looking Temest!











 The crowd bids on the Pinball's!       


 Gauntlet !

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