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Auction 14!

A small auction was held in Yardville NJ on the 27th by Best Auctions. Some nice pins were present but few video machines. I had a long talk with some operators on the listing of auction prices on the internet. Some are for it and some are against it, claiming it hurts their business. Here is my take: Auctions are a great place to pick up game cheaply, but it is not for the faint or heart. Most equipment need major work that many are not able to perform. Monitors need rebuilding, cases need repair, wiring inside needs to be done and even extensive work to PC boards must be completed before you have the nice pieces you see on my tribute pages. Other issues may include buy backs, where the seller wins the auctions because no one else present will go as high as the equipment is worth and will result in a lower then market value to be listed on my auction pages..
Remember, games are much like used cars. The 2 old Ford Pintos your looking at my be worth 2 very different values depending on the age, rarity, mileage, availability of parts and overall condition. Can you fix the car yourself (or fix the game in this case) or will you require a mechanic (or operator) to track down the parts and make the repairs. How will you get that car back to your house? (or the game to your house) Get the idea? On with the prices.

Remember, this is a listing of the Best Auctions, March 27th 1999 show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)

After Burner $125
Ajax $60
Apache 3 $60
Arch Rivals $60
Asteroids (cocktail, no boards) $90
Badlands $160
Black Widow (buy back) $550
Bucky O'Hare $70
Final Lap (2 player) $325
Golden Tee Golf $150
Gunforce $90
Lethal Enforcers $475
Meta Fox $50
Monster Maulers $160
Mortal Kombat $35
Ms Pac Man $475
Neo Geo (1 slot) $300
Neo Geo (4 slot) $475
Operation Wolf $75
Quarterback (25") $300
Quiz Dragons Game $70
Return of the Jedi $175
Space Invaders? (empty cocktail table) $10
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition $100
Super Pool 3 $60
Tetris $200
World Rally(converted Pole Position) $225

Back to the Future $575
Batman $875
Checkpoint $500
Dr Dude $500
Dr Who $800
Flintstones $900
Flipper Football $500
Getaway $750
Harley Davidson "$2,200 "
Hook $500
Hook $600
Juristic Park $775
Mario Andretti $700
Popeye $600
Prospector $225
Rocky, Bullwinkel, and friends $675
Rocky, Bullwinkel, and friends $725
RollerGames $425
Shaq Attack $475
Star Trek $775
Star Wars $750
Tales from the Crypt $950
Taxi $425
Tee'd off $600
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $550
Terminator 2 $600
Ticker Tape $175
Twilight Zone $1,000
Vegas $550


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A Nice 4 slot Neo in the back there

Black Widow and Ms Pac

Black Widow and Ms Pac

Neon Arcade

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