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Auction 17

It is auction time again but this seasons auctions are not going well for me. Not so much in the fact that the auctions are poor, more the fact that getting to them is more of a problem. This Super Auction, held on September 11th , was also the day that I had to attend a wedding in the afternoon. I made it to the auction and stayed until 1:00 p.m. This gave me enough time to get 90% of the prices on the video machines but non of the cocktails machines and there was a beautiful carnival machine that I snapped a very poor picture of below. I went home with a turbo mini that I paid way too much for but overall I had a good time.

Remember, this is a listing of the Super Auctions show, held in Mount Holly NJ auction on September 11th 1999 . I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. Thanks for your understanding as I'm tired of answering the "can I buy this game from you" questions


1943 $10
Aliens $275
Aliens $150
Arch Rivals $25
Arknoid $200
Arknoid $125
Asteroids Deluxe $425
BagMan $250
BattleToads $375
Big Run $225
Botts (sit down) $225
Bump & Jump $50
Championship Baseballs $75
Championship Sprint (not working) $25
Clutch Hitter $125
Columns $75
Continental Circuit $125
Continental Circuit (not working) $60
Crime Fighters $125
Die Hard Arcade $587.50
Donkey Kong (not working) $137.50
Enduro Racer (not working) $35
Frogger $275.00
Galaga $487.50
Glock $100
Goindol $87.50
Hard Driving $200
Hot Rod (3 player) $200
Indy Heat $175
Lethal Enforcers $475
Lethal Enforcers $350
Lord of Gun $350
Magic Sword $75
Mario Bros. $50
Martial Champion $125
Mortal Kombat $150
Mortal Kombat $125
Mortal Kombat $100
Nark $200
Off the Wall $100
Operation Thunderbolt $375
Operation Thunderbolt (not working) $70
Out Run $212.50
Over Drive $175
P 47 $75
P.O.W. $75
Paperboy (not working) $125
Play Choice 10 $100
Play Choice 10 (2 monitor Top monitor not working) $100
Pole Position 2 (not working) $100.00
Police Trainer $750
Popeye $325
Pound for Pound $50
Quarterback $75
RB 2 $375
Revenge of Doh $150
Road Blasters $375
Robo Cop $175
Rolling Thunder $150
Shock (not working) $10
Shooting Master (not working) Passed
Sky Soldiers $50
Space Gun $362.50
Space Harrier $150
Steel Gunner 2 (not working) $10
Street Fighter 2 $125
Street Smart $125
Tapper (not working) $337.50
Tecno Knights $150
Tetris $200
Thunder Jaw $125
Time Killers $212.50
Time Killers $50
Track & Field (not working) $75
Trivia Whiz $100
Turbo (mini) $200
Virtua Fighter $375
World Rally $225
World Rally $325
World Rally (converted Pole Position) $225
Zaxxon $250


Neon Arcade

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