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Auction II

The second auction I have attended was on November 29th in Pennasuken NJ. I counted about 196 Video machines and 96 pinball’s. I did my best to get as many of the hammer prices as I could. All in All I had a good day. Bought some boards a Tron and a Missile Command that looks real nice! There was a good looking Zaxxon there too but I ran into a friend at the auction and donated some of my trailer space to him because he bought more then he could take home so I had to leave the Zaxxon to someone else. The good news is my friend was so grateful for helping him out he gave me a Space Invaders cocktail table. Anyone got some NOS overlays?

Remember, this is a listing of the US Auctions, November 29th show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)

Pictures from the auction loading below -=Mark=-

Arkanoid (No Power Missing 1 cp) $75
Asteroids Deluxe $310
Birdie King $75
Donkey Kong (Nice Shape!) $345
Final Fight $85
Ms. Pacman $450
Ms. Pacman (with Speed up chip) $525
Ms. Pacman (Not working) $410
Ms. Pacman (In a PacMan case) $475
Rygar $230
Triva Wiz (parts machine) $15
Triva Wiz (Monitor problems) $120
Winners Circle $125
Yer Kung Fu $100


1942 Missed price
Altered Beast $20
Arkanoid (Real ratty kit) $150
Arkanoid (Monitor problems) $50
Asteroids $250
Bad Dudes $80
Bad Dudes $70
Capcom Bowling (Ratty case, Monitor problems) $65
Centipede $200
Centipede (Millipede Overlay) $375
Champion Baseball $10
Commando $15
Crime Fighters (Dedicated No Power) $55
Crime Fighters $50
Devastator $35
Donkey Kong $225
Double Dragon 2 (Kit) $50
Final Fight $45
Golden Axe (would not power up) $25
Guantlet $400
GunSmoke (No Power) $10
Gyrus $50
Hang On $210
Heavy Barrel $30
Hydra $180
Kageki $15
Karate Champ (Dedicated) Missed price
Knuckle Batch (2 monitors, 1 working) $15
Krull $25
Krull $25 (Buyback)
Lemans $80
Magic Sword (crappie cabinet) $15
Magic Sword (much nicer) $75
Magic Sword $70
Mini Golf $70
Mortal Kombat $20
Ms Pac Man (in Pac Mania case) $325
Narc (Dedicated) $50
Neo Geo (4 slot ?) $500
PacMan $340
Pac Land (In the worst cab. in the world) $250
Pengo $200
Perfect Billiards $35
Pig Skin (Nice) $175
PlayChoice 10 (2 monitor) $55
Play Choice 10 Missed price
JR. PacMan (In Pac man cab.) $310
Ring King $20
Robo Cop $50
Rush’N Attack $30
Space Invades $475
Spy Hunter $60
Spy Hunter Missed price
Street Fighter $25
Street Fighter 2 $110
Street Fighter 2 $40
Street Fighter 2 Champion $35
Street Smart $45
Super Contra (Nice case, Video Problems) Missed price
Super Contra $50
Super Mario Brothers $90
Super Mario Brothers $75
Tetris $150
Time Soldiers $15
Track & Field $35
Tron (yet another Tron for my collection) $110
Turbo $130
Video Pinball (Not Working) $10
Vigilante (in kangaroo cab.) $15
Vigilante $25
Virtual Fighter $550
Wheel of Fortune $30
World Rally (In OutRun cabinet) $430
Xybots $35
Zaxxon (nice, Bided for this but backed out) $230

Rows of Machines

Rows of Machines

Rows of Machines ready for sale

More Machines... Would someone turn on the lights!


 cocktail tables

Who said there are no boards at auctions...Here is a table full

Lots of good cocktail tables this time!

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