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Auction 27

Welcome to the fall 2000 auctions! The first show was the Yardsville show, held on Septemember 30th By Best Auctions. As usual, the selection of Pinball machines was better then average and Steve and his crew did a fine job keeping the auction moving at a good pace. Prices were also quite reasonable as the machine quality was quite high. Prices below in alphabetical order as usual.

Remember….. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.

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Areo Fighters $170
Atack of the Bees From Another Planet $65
Championship Sptint $110
Die Hard Arcade $100
Double Dragon $90
Driver Edge (Sit Down) $350
Dynamite Cop $250
Extra Bases (cocktail) $50
Galaga (no coin door or spot for it) $625
Great 1000 Mile Rally $200
Joust $475
Judge Dredd $360
Mini Golf $65
Mini Poker (not working) $110
Nintendo vs. Tennis $200
Out Run $210
Outrun $170
Paper Boy (rough) $80
Pit Fighter $200
Sea Raider $100
Space Invaders $275
Special Chriminal Investigation $175
Sports Athority $100
Street Fighter $150
Street Fighter $175
Super Monaco GP (sit down) $250
Super Pac Man $325
Turbo Out Run $130
WF Wrestle Fest $110
World Series $155
X Men $330
Xevious $150
Xevious $110
Zero Point 2 $500


8 Ball $400
Adams Family $1,650
Atlantis $550
Barb Wire $950
Baywatch $850
Baywatch $800
Black Rose $650
Breakshot $850
Bride of the Pin Bot $875
Demolition Man $700
Dr. Who $650
F14 $575
Fish Tales $1,100
Frankenstein $800
Frankenstein $750
Funhouse $1,200
Gilligans Island $900
Hook $850
Jack Bot $850
Judge Dredd $650
Last Action Hero $675
Lethal Weapon 3 $700
Mario Andretti $700
Nightmare on Elm Street $650
Nitro Ground Shaker $350
Party Zone $825
Pin Bot $700
Popeye $650
Rocky & Bullwinkle $1,000
Royal Rumble $750
Space Station $550
Star Wars $1,300
Street Fighter $500
Super Mario Bros $675
Team One $275
Terminator Judgement Day $800
The Getaway $825
The Shadow $800
TMNT $500
Twlight Zone $1,650
Whirlwind $775
White Water $1,150
Who Dunnit $875

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