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Auction 36
(The Belmar Casino Auction)

SATURDAY APRIL 7, 2001, 10:00AM

Belmar Casino has closed its doors and will be razed for residential development. Everything must be sold! The auction includes many video games in 25' cabinets, 33' cabinets, sitdown drivers including Cruisin the Worlds, Daytona USA, Alpine 50' racer, Top Skater, Street Viper Wide Screen, 2 T-Meks, 2 Title Fights, Area 51, classics including Ms. Pac Man, 2 Pacmans, Robotron, Galaga, Play Choice 10, Ladybug, Centepede, Mario Bros., Asteroids, Gyruss, Indiana Jones, Zaxxon, Bombjack, Kamov, Shinobi, Space Invaders, many Cranes including singles, jumbos, triples, and a double wide Smart Candy Crane..........

Well anyway, That was a clip from the flyer that was distributed locally announcing the sale. It's always sad to see an amusement area close up. I didn't even get to attend this sale. as this auction took place on the same day as the Yardville show, and I haven't figured out how to be 2 places at once (yet). Lucky for us, fellow friend and collector Carl Lipnicki, was headed that way and offered to take the prices and pictures to make this page a reality. Also A thank you must be extended to Carl's wife, Stephanie, for typing all the data Into a usable form for this page. Its collectors like this that make the hobby more enjoyable for all of us.. Thanks Again!

Remember.. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.


Outside, take a look now as it will be gone soon!
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Aliens $85
Alpine Racer $1,300
Asteroids $750
Capcom Bowling $35
Carn Evil $1,350
Centipede $550
Contra (no monitor, no power) $15
Crime Fighters $175
Donkey Kong 3 $220
Express Raider $75
Galaga (wave on screen) $775
Golden Tee 2K $1,200
Gyrus $275
Haunted Castle (nice Defender Bezel) $160
Indiana Jones $225
Karnov $120
KI2 (dedicated, monitor problems) $450
Klax $110
Lady Bug Mini $155
Lethal Enforcers $350
Lethal Enforcers 2 $375
Lock On $175
Mario Brothers $250
Mat Mania (monitor probs) $20
Millipede (monitor probs) $425
MK (dedicated) $275
MK3 (dedicated) $500
MK3 (no monitor) $120
Ms Pacman (no sound) $775
Narc (dedicated) $130
NBA Jam (dedicated) $250
NBA Jam (dedicated) $350
NBA Jam (dedicated) $300
Ninja Warrior (3 Screen) $50
Off Road $275
Operation Thunderbolt $250
Pacman (decent) $625
Pacman (decent) $675
Play Choice (2 Screen) $90
Robotron $850
SF2 (25" Dynamo) $350
Shinobi (not working) $20
SIN (linked 2Pl 2 machine) $2,000
Soul Edge $450
Soul Edge (showcase) $825
Space Invaders $575
Sports Jam $1,200
T2 $375
Tekken 3 $450
Ten Yard Fight (not working) Passed
The Grid $2,100
The Grid (Linked to 1st Grid) $2,100
Thundercade (Tron cabinet, sides blacked) $120
Title Fight $410
TMNT (4PL) $300
Top Skater $4,150
Turbo $250
World Series (not working) Passed
Wrestle Fest $460
Wrestle fest $300
X-men (4 PL) $375
Zaxxon $300

Sit Downs:

Daytona USA (Twin) $335
Final Lap (problem, 2PL) $50
Hard Drivin' $150
Road Riot ( 2PL) $325
Steel Talons (2 PL) $250
Street Viper $350
TMEK (problems, 2 PL) $50
TMEK (2PL) $300
Virtua Racing (2 PL) $575

Big Hurt $625
Guns-n-Roses (not working, missing gun) $650
Highspeed (needed work) $500
Spacejam $965
Spacejam $1,000
Whitewater $1,000

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