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Auction 41

Two days after the last auction and Super Auctions holds one of their Tuesday night shows in the Mt. Holly Armory. The weird part of the show, was not the games are anything to do with coin operated machines at all… It was the security! Being that we are at War right now, The place was filled with soldiers and ID was taken at the door. It was just Odd to see some one with an M16 standing next to Ms Pac Man! For those keeping score, 48 Video machines and 30 pinballs were auctioned on this November 6th 2001 show.
There was a LARGE wall of slots machine there, (see pictures) and a DOT and a working warrior machine! Cool! Again a thank you to
Al Warner as he took all the pin prices as I loaded my trailer with my winnings.


Remember.. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.

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Aqua Jack $200
Area 51 Site 4 $850
Bottom of the Ninth $100
Breakout $85
Bump and Jump (mini) $75
Capcom Bowl $125
Champion Baseball 2 $100
Chase H.Q. $250
Columns $125
Die Hard Arcade missed
Die Hard Arcade $300
Disks of Tron (board problems) $450
Gals Panic $125
Gauntlet Dark Legacy $1,075
Golden Tee 97 $425
Golden Tee Golf 2 $175
Golden Tee Golf 2 (Burgertime conversion) $100
Gun Fight (working!) $50
Hydra $150
Mario Bros $325
Megattack (dead monitor) $50
Monco GP (mini, dead) $25
Mortal Kombat 2 $300
Namco 20 year Reunion (passed, reserve not met) Passed
Neo Geo 1 slot $130
Operation Wolf (dead) $25
Pole Position (board problems) $25
Pole Position 2 $125
Quarterback (25 inch) $125
Rad Mobile $150
Silk Worm $75
Sky Soldiers $185
Space Duel $275
Space Invaders (Taito version, Rom problems) $200
Strata Bowling $100
Street Fighter 2 (dead monitor) $50
Super Hang On $350
Superman (dead) $75
Tekken 2 (dead monitor) $125
Tekken 3 $250
Tekken 3 $250
Tetris (mini) $250
Top Speed $100
Viper Phase 1 $150
vs. Duck Hunt $100
vs. Hogan's Alley $100
Warrior (working!) $675

Sit-down machines

San Francisco Rush The Rock $1,600

Bad Cats $325
Bay Watch (bought back) $325
Big Guns $140
Cactus Jack $425
Checkpoint $650
Cue Ball Wizard (bought back) $625
Dirty Harry $750
Eight Ball Deluxe $110
Embryon $75
Flash $110
Getaway (bought back) $750
Gilligans Island $885
Golden Eye 007 $750
Grand Slam (problems) $50
Harlem Globetrotters $75
Harley Davidson (bought back) $2,000
High Speed $125
King Kool $350
Lethal Weapon 3 $675
Monte Carlo $450
Rescue 911 $1,075
Rocky and Bullwinkle $925
Roller Games $500
Space Shuttle $175
Spring Break $250
Stargate $600
Surf N' Safari (bought back) $150
The Game Show (bought back) $450
Water World $675
X files $1,200

Neon Arcade

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