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Special Auction 45

Well anyone who reads this section of my web pages chronology, and with any regularity, knows that I'm looking for work as my plant is moving down to Atlanta, and I don't want to move with them. Part of my job responsibilities right now is to oversee the automation moves from our plant here in Rockaway, down to the plant in Duluth
This is how I came to be at the Auction Game Sales auction on 2-26-2002 in Atlanta. As my regular readers know, I really only cover the Auctions In New Jersey and once a year in MD, when Auction Game Sales goes there too. But with a little luck in timing, I placed myself in the Atlanta on the day of the show. The biggest sacrifice was that I did miss the Super Auctions Show that took place on 2-24-02 in New Jersey, so don't be waiting around for a report …. I wasn't there. To quote a friend that did go "The auction was a massive pile of piss. Seriously, it sucked." So I guess I didn't miss much
The auction down here was…… Different… The show in Baltimore is handled very different than here in Atlanta! Some of biggest differences are they DON'T charge any 10% - 15% markup to the winning bid to OPERATORS. Don't ask me how they know if your in the business or not but I answered that question wrong and got charged the extra 10% they add to the "home buyers" crowd. Second thing is they don't ask for a deposit like they did at the MD auction. Finally, there is no charge for a bidder #. I don't remember if they charged for a Bidder # in MD but here it is free. Nonetheless it was a bit odd not having anyone to hang out with. Some of the similarities, between the Atlanta and Baltimore shows are that they do 2 auctioneers and run 2 auctions at the same time. For this reason, and since I had no one helping me, I missed about 19 machines in the 25" row. I did better when the turned the corner and one guy was doing video machine as the other did the pins, but in the confusion, some of my prices may not be 100% accurate. You have been warned.
In the lines of notable equipment were a Dragons Lair and a Dragons Lair 2. Both worked and were in better then average shape. There was a Journey machine (haven't seen one in a while) and the tape player was still inside! In the pinball row you may want to look at the picture of the Mr. And Mrs. Pacman Pinball.. Look at all the bubbles in the glass! When it was plug in nothing lit up except one…. That's right…. One bulb. There is a picture of a smashed up Strikes and spares as well.... Pity,
At the show I talked with Joe Gumeny of Wico who was there as well as picked up the 2002 Pinball price guide from Marco who was there too.
Best news yet is I found what I was looking for! As I have been bugging everyone for a hat trick board, I was lucky enough to find someone the Internet that has the Hat Trick cartridge right before I left for my trip. All that was left was to find a Sente main board. As Luck would have it there was one Sente game@ the auction. A semi working Gimme a Break cocktail. The board worked but all the balls on the pool table were blocks instead of colored balls. Got it for 140 and tossed it in the back of my Rent A Van. Back at the hotel, I stopped by the Home Depot and bought 4 casters and some screws. In the van I screw it all together and wheeled it up to my Hotel room along with my toolbox.
Inside, I found a Mini Golf cart as well. Excellent!
Resiting the ROMs on the Pool game got that going all the way, and I found a broken Diode on the Mini golf board that I patched up and crap, that works too!
Now that everything worked… I ripped it all apart. Took out the monitor, the harness, the main CPU board the PS board, the sound card, (I didn't know that it had a separate sound card) and the control panels and packed all the stuff in my suitcase to bring back to NJ.
Ok.. This is the longest write up II have done for any show so I'm going to shut up now and give you the prices.


Remember.. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.

Games on the way in to the show.jpg
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Classics to the left.jpg
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25 Inch machines to the right.jpg
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The pins row.jpg
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A crap load of video pokers.jpg
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Lots of Sit Down machines.jpg
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Arabian Nights.jpg
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A dirty Arabian Nights playfield.jpg
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A pair of Star Wars.jpg
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South Park and a very smushed Pinball.jpg
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Flaky Mr. and Mrs. Pac man.jpg
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The rest of the Mr. and Mrs. Pac man.jpg
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Tower of Terror.jpg
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Asteroids and Arabian.jpg
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Donkey Kong and another Joust.jpg
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Dragons Lair.jpg
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Dragons Lair 2.jpg
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Joust and and Galaga mini.jpg
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Missile Command.jpg
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Huge X men 2.jpg
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Huge X men.jpg
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Mr Do and Space Invader Deluxe.jpg
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PC 10 - sf2 - and Gals Panic 2.jpg
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Play Choice 10 and Neo Geo.jpg
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Arkanoid $400
Asteroids (odd conversion, not working) $85
Galaga $800
Gimme a Break $140
VS. cocktail $250

??? (no marquee, dead) $25
10 Yard Fight $90
APB $200
Arabian $150
Asteroids (dead) $180
Bad Dudes $35
Bad Dudes $85
Birdie King 2 $25
Blood Storm (bad monitor) $40
Championship Sprint (not working) $15
Donkey Kong $800
Donkey Kong JR $550
Double Axle missed
Dragons Lair (working!) $875
Dragons Lair 2 (working!) $700
Eagle Shot Golf $275
Enduro Racer (not working) $5
Galaga $775
Galaga $650
Galaga (all restored) $1,337
Galaga (mini) $675
Galaga (mini, no boards) $225
Galaga (super clean) $675
Galaxian $350
Gals Panic $75
Golden Tee 97 (converted Asteroids) $300
Golden Tee 98 $1,000
Golden Tee 98 (nor boards) $455
Gorf $280
Journey (tape player still inside) $700
Joust $625
Joust (board problems) $425
Killer Instinct $225
Lethal Enforcers missed
Lethal Enforcers $325
Lethal Enforcers Gunfight 2 $525
Missile Command $375
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate $280
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate $250
Motto Ace USA $45
Mr. Do (playing blind) $85
Ms. Pacman $660
Ms. Pacman $650
Ms. Pacman $725
Namco Classics 2 $200?
Neo Geo 1 slot $340
Neo Geo 2 slot $250
Neo Geo 4 slot $245
Operation Wolf $185
Pacman $525
Pacman Jr. (not working) $160
Phoenix $225
Pig Skin $45
Play Choice 10 $105
Play Choice 10 $110
Play Choice 10 $100
Police Trainer (not working) $275
Power Drift $85
Power Drift $220
Primal Rage $280
Puzzle Bobble 4 $200
Raden 2 $250
Revolution X $700
Road Blasters (no monitor, full side art) $60
Run & Gun 2 (not working) $75
Sharp Shooter $650
Shinobi $35
Sly Spy $20
Space Invaders Deluxe $230
Spectar (board problems $10
Spy Hunter 2 $150
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition $295
Super Hang On $160
Superman $280
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not working) $40
Tekken 2 (not working) $150
Tetris (not working) $85
Time Killers $65
Violent Storm $225
WF Superfest $24
WF Wrestlefest $95
X men (6 player) $255

Sit-down machines:
Air Trx $3,350
Airline Pilots $4,200
Alpine Racer (no monitor) $130
Buggy Challenge (dead) $10
California Speed $1,625
Crusin USA $1,675
Crusin World $2,400
Crusin World $2,100
Crusin World $2,050
Crusin World $2,300
Cyber Cycle (2 player) $745
Daytona 2 (single) $2,525
Daytona USA (twin) $3,050
Exhaust Note $650
GTI Club (not working) $550
Nascar $4,650
Nascar $4,450
Over Rev $900
Rave Racer $600
San Francisco Rush Rocks $1,825
Solar Assault $1,225
Stun Runner $310
Suzzuka 8 Hours (2 player) $575
Vapor Trx $1,500
Virtua Racing (2 player, dead) $210
Virtua Twin (2 player) $1,350
Wing War (2 player) passed

Arabian Knights $1,550
Bad Girls $120
Big Ben $275
Black Hole $625
Black Knight $500
Break Shot $700
Bride of Pinbot $650
Eight Ball Deluxe $650
F 14 Tomcat (had no balls so hard to test) $600
Fireball $875
Flash Gordon $400
Flight 2000 $185
Harlem Globetrotters $300
ID4 $1,200
Junkyard Wars $1,450
Mario Andretti $850
Mr. & Mrs. Pacman (totally dead except One bulb) $110
Night Rider $450
Rescue 911 $875
Silver Slugger $445
Silverball $275
South Park $2,100
South Park $2,200
Star Wars $1,150
Star Wars Episode One $2,400
Stars $270
Starship Troopers $1,025
Strikes & Spares (another parts machine) $445
Strikes & Spares (smashed up parts machine) $160
Terminator 2 $655
Tri Zone $225
Whirlwind $700
X files missed

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