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Auction 49

Well this turned out to be an unusual day at the auction site for a few reasons. First, If you were to ask me, before today, if the last auction of the season would be any good, I would have told you "NO". History has taught me to think that by the end of the auction season, most of the better machines have been sold, and since there has been an auction every month during the auction season, interest as dwindled as well. There seems to be better auction when they are spaced out more, and that is what the summer should produce. Well that theory was proven incorrect as there were plenty of unusual machines for sale and overall machine quality was up. Bidding lasted till a little after 6pm, with such unusual titles, like Baby Pac Mans (2 as a matter of fact) Centipede Mini, Dig Dug Mini, Gorf and a Marble Madness were auctioned off one by one.
The other unusual point (at least for me) was that I brought both my kids to the show (their first auction) as my wife left us for the weekend. So if you see an abundance of picture with the kids, that is why. Also, due to the age of my kids, (2 and 4), it was obvious that I would not be able to stay all day or take any prices. In steps Al Warner to help me out (again) so giving credit, where credit is due: Al typed 'em, all in for me and got all of the 25" video prices and most of the pins.
Jeff Kinder got most of the classics, and Nick Sauer helped with the pins. Some of the later junky videos and sit-downs were missed, so do not feel that this list is entirely complete. Nonetheless, another season ends… Please no stupid questions over the summer like "how come you don't update the auction pages"
See you all in the fall.


Remember.. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.

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1942 W/ Problems $190.00
Arkanoid $260.00
Elimination (Key Games) $75.00
Golndol $100.00
Golndol $170.00
Golndol $170.00
Make Trax $250.00
Ms. Pac Man $750.00
Rally Bike $150.00
Robocop $155.00
Rush N Attack $185.00
Sente(board dead) $105.00
Trivia Quiz $120.00

19" Videos:
1942 $155.00
Asteroids $300.00
Asteroids $625.00
Asteroids Deluxe Mini $600.00
Astro Blaster $260.00
Baby Pac Man $175.00
Baby Pac Man $400.00
Blasteroids $545.00
Centipede Mini $675.00
Dig Dug $450.00
Dig Dug $300.00
Dig Dug Mini $270.00
Donkey Kong $400.00
Donkey Kong Mini $700.00
Dragon Ball Z $500.00
Galaga $700.00
Galaxian $425.00
Gals Panic II $210.00
Golden Tee 3d $275.00
Golden Tee 99 $600.00
Gorf $350.00
Mad Dog II $500.00
Marble Madness $500.00
Monaco GP Mini $245.00
Ms Pac Man $600.00
Ms Pac Man $425.00
Ms Pac Man (Pac Cab) $475.00
Ms.Pac Man $685.00
Ms.Pac Man $600.00
Ms.Pac Man $875.00
Ms.Pac Man $600.00
Ms.Pac Man $625.00
Ms.Pac Man Mini $650.00
Neo Geo 1 Slot $245.00
Neo Geo 2 Slot $340.00
Off Road $350.00
Operation Wolf $370.00
Pac Man $625.00
Pacland $85.00
Paperboy $275.00
Paperboy $425.00
Pleides Mini $155.00
Pole Position $250.00
Pole Position II $100.00
Q-Bert $450.00
Rally X Mini $275.00
Rolling Thunder Missed
Samurai Ace $275.00
Satan's Hollow $400.00
SFII CE $240.00
Space Gun $210.00
Star Rider $400.00
Super Pac Man $375.00
Super Qix $150.00
Super Shanghaii $130.00
Tetris $55.00
Tetris $150.00
Tic Tac Toe $105.00
Track and Field $300.00
Tron $450.00
Turbo $70.00
Turbo Outrun $200.00
Vanguard $225.00
Xybots $110.00

25" Videos:
MKII $275.00
Battle Balls $375.00
Beast Busters II $750.00
Caddilacs & Dinosaurs $325.00
Centipede / Millipede / Missle Command (new) $2,600.00
Centipede / Millipede / Missle Command (NIB) $2,450.00
Die Hard $325.00
EHRGEIZ $325.00
Gunbird $325.00
Host Invaders $275.00
Magical Drop 2 $350.00
Marvel Vs SF $350.00
Metal Slug (neo Geo 1) $325.00
MK3 $300.00
MKII $285.00
Ms. Pac / Galaga (NIB) $2,500.00
NBA Jam (dead) $210.00
Neck N Neck $185.00
Neo Geo 1 Slot $325.00
Ninja Warriors $70.00
Open Ice $375.00
Raiden II $325.00
Revolution X $700.00
Road Riot 4WD $275.00
Run and Gun Dual $110.00
SF Alpha Missed
Simpsons (wrong cabinet) $375.00
Skins Game $625.00
Space Gun $280.00
Steel Gunners $50.00
Super Monaco GP $175.00
Super SFII $170.00
Tekken 2 $725.00
Tekken 2 $550.00
Tekken 2 $350.00
Tekken Tag $975.00
Virtua Cop $575.00
WWF Wrestlefest $250.00
WWF Wrestlefest $275.00
WWF Wrestlefest $225.00
Xmen Vs. SF $400.00

Sit Downs or Deluxe videos (many missed)

After Burner $475.00
Alpine II $1,425.00
Arctic Thunder Missed
Enduro Racer Missed
Outrunners Missed
Planet Harriers (NIB) $3,300.00
Race Drivin $295.00
Rad Mobile $550.00
Virtua Racer Missed
Virtual On Missed


Back to the Future $600.00
Baywatch $1,100.00
Centaur II $650.00
Checkpoint $675.00
Checkpoint $575.00
Cleopatra $350.00
Cyclone $775.00
Diner $700.00
Earthshaker $675.00
Eight Ball Champ $650.00
Eight Ball Deluxe LE $500.00
F-14 Tomcat $675.00
Fishtales $1,175.00
Fishtales $1,375.00
Funhouse $1,050.00
Galaxy $220.00
Getaway $1,025.00
Gilligan's Island $950.00
Grand Prix $275.00
Harlem Globetrotters $130.00
Hollywood Heat $250.00
Hook $650.00
Hurricane $700.00
Hyperball $225.00
ID4 $1,400.00
Indiana Jones $1,900.00
Jackbot $1,025.00
Jokerz $500.00
Lethal Weapon $550.00
Lost World $1,500.00
Lost World $1,200.00
Mata Hari $360.00
Maverick $600.00
Millionaire (Bad shape) $130.00
Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man $250.00
No Good Gofers $1,250.00
Panthera $95.00
Pennant Fever $475.00
Playboy 35th (display problems) $375.00
Pool Sharks $600.00
Rescue 911 $675.00
Revenge from Mars $2,595.00
Slugfest (display out) $675.00
Space Invaders $275.00
Star Wars (DE) $1,200.00
Striker Extreme $1,500.00
The Addams Family $2,025.00
Tommy (clean - no ball) $1,350.00
X-Files (set for 220) $1,400.00

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