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Auction 50

Well the auction season is open again and Super Auctions opens up the season. . Hold On.. Super Auctions?!??! That's not the way it was suppose to happen! US Amusements was scheduled to be the first NJ auction of the fall!
Non the less, I received a call announcing that there would be an unscheduled auction held by Super Auctions, on the 17th of September 2002, and there would be 200 classic machines there. Ironically enough, I got a post card in the mail (pictured above) announcing the show of over a week ago. (thanks U.S.P.S). just yesterday.
More or less it was just another show. There were 3 Baby pacs there (I took one home) a Crazy Climber as well as the normal batch of Ms. Pacmans in various condition.
The "horrible conversion of the show" award goes to the Toobin converted to Capcom Bowling.
Al Warner took down all the pin prices as I loaded my winning, and to receive this link back to his site (Al, you're a link WHORE). Anyway, enjoy the pictures.


Remember.. I have no tie ins to ANY of these games. This was a Public auction, and I am not connected with any of the auctions houses on which I report. These games have been sold to new owners and are no longer for sale. This page is for reference only and a public service to it's readers. Any email regarding the purchase of these games will be ignored. All dates of future auctions will be posted on the main page as I here of them. Thanks for your corporation.

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Crystal Castle (no monitor) $100
Namco Reunion $3,950
Space Invaders $90
Time Pilot $325

720 $150
Action Bowling $50
Ameri Darts missed
Arkanoid $100
Arkanoid $100
Arkanoid (Just a shell) $10
Arkanoid (mini) $175
Atax $35
Baby Pac Man (not working) $150
Baby Pac Man (not working) $75
Baby Pac Man (not working) $40
Bad Dudes $150
Bad Dudes $75
Bad Lands $125
Birdie King 3 (not working) $35
Blitz (not working) $300
Blitz (not working) $250
Bomb Jack (dead) $30
Capcom Bowling $150
Capcom Bowling $150
Capcom Bowling (converted Toobin) $87.50
Captain America $75
Crazy Climber $600
Crime Fighters $125
Crime Patrol $80
Cyberball $150
Defender (no monitor) $150
Donkey Kong missed
Dr. Mario $250
Eagle (mini) $175
Fighting Golf $100
Galaga $1,025
Galaga $1,000
Ghost N Goblins $300
Goinnla (not working) $20
Golden Tee 97 $450
Golden Tee 98 $425
Golden Tee 98 (Gauntlet cabinet) $550
Golden Tee 99 $525
Golden Tee Golf 3d $475
Gyruss $250
HangOn (dead) $20
Haunted Castle $125
Heavy Barrel (not working) $50
High Impact (not working) $75
Jr. Pac Man (mini) $400
Lethal Enforcers $225
Mace $375
Mappy $200
Maximum Force (no monitor) $230
Mortal Kombat $250
Mortal Kombat $200
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate $125
Ms. Pac Man $750
Ms. Pac Man $650
Ms. Pac Man missed
Ms. Pac Man (not working, Pac Man case) $400
N.A.R.K. (Dead) $50
N.A.R.K. (stuck in test mode) $150
Namco Volume 1 $425
Neo Geo 2 slot (doa) $200
Operation Wolf (dead) $5
Pig Skin $50
Pole Position $212.50
Police Trainer $400
Primal Rage $175
Primal Rage $300
Quarterback $100
Rastan $125
Rastan $100
Robocop $75
Samurai Showdown (no monitor) $25
Simpson's (2 player from a kit) $275
Spy Hunter $175
Spy Hunter (parts machine) $50
Strata Bowling $75
Street Fighter 2 $150
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition $125
Street Fighter Alpha 2 $275
Street Fighter Alpha 3 $150
Street Fighter vs. Marvel Super Heroes $200
Street Fighter vs. Xmen $225
Sub Rock 3D $25
Super Contra $10
Super Mario Bros. (not working) $100
Superman $225
Tekken 2 $175
Tetris (mini) $150
Time Killers $175
Time Soldiers $50
Total Carnage $150
Tournament Arkanoid (monitor problems) $100
Tri Sports $125
Trivia Wiz $150
Turbo (mini) $95
Turbo Outrun $300
Unknown game (not working) $1
Us Classic $125
Vindicators $175
Virtua Fighter $425
VS. Baseball (2 monitor) $110
Vulous $75
Willow $100

Sit Downs or Deluxe videos
Turbo $75


Airborne $875
Aladdin's Castle $275
Barb Wire $875
Checkpoint $800
Cue Ball Wizard $650
Diner $1,150
F 14 $650
Frankenstein $725
Galaxy $275
Getaway (no translite) $600
Gilligans Island $725
Goldball $350
High Speed $350
High Speed $550
Indiana Jones $1,400
Lights, Camera, Action $350
Lights, Camera, Action $400
Meteor $225
Pinball Pool $100
Pinbot $600
Playboy (bally, dead) $225
Playboy (new In box, Buy back) $3,200
Raven $225
Rocky $325
Roller Games $450
Sea Witch (dead but nice) $300
Spares N Strikes $650
Special Force $375
Star Wars Episode one $2,400
Tommy $1,200
Water World $775
Wipe Out $850

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