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Auction 6

Well I attended my 6th auction at the South Jersey Expo Center in Pennasuken, New Jersey on May 9th. Although anyone selling something went home happy, buyers paid prices I never thought possible. The selection was small with less then 100 videos machines, but despite the rain, there were far many too buyers for the amount of machines available. I went home with 2 Lunar Lander machines that were not part of the auction but arranged with another operator for pick up on this day Overall the auction was a disappointment due to the high prices and lack of classic machines.

On the more positive side, I did get the opportunity to hang out with many of my Internet friends; Jay, Al, Jason, Chris, Steve Weinrich, Jeff Kinder just to name a few. We also spent some time with Keith Feinstein of VIDEOTOPIA fame. If you ever get the chance to say hi to Keith Feinstein, do so. He is a very funny person so be sure to ask him what he thinks about Windows NT. Its friends like these that make the bad auctions fun. It’s too bad that the next auction wont be until October. On to the prices……

Remember, this is a listing of the US Auctions, May 9th show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)
1942 $55
After Burner $200
Arkanoid (in Frenzy cab) not working $80
Arkanoid $110
Bad Dudes $135
Badlands $160
Body Slam $65
Capcom Bowling $160
Champion Baseball II $45
Choplifter $65
Clutch Hitter $130
Continental Circuit $200
Defender $450
Die Hard Arcade $875
Donkey Kong $500
Double Dragon $70
Double Play (not working) $20
Final Fight $95
Frontline $210
Ghost n’ Goblins $80
Golden Axe $85
Haunted Castle $255
IT 104 $65
Killer Instinct $350
Lethal Enforcers $775
Lethal Enforcers (video problems) $500
Meta Fox $210
Millipede $435
Monaco GP (mini) $220
Mortal Kombat II $650
Mortal Kombat II $775
Mutant Fighter $295
Narc $110
NBA Jam (not working) $180
NEO GEO 1 slot (not working) $230
NEO GEO 6 slot $675
Off Road (converted pole position) $210
Off Road $645
Off The Wall (monitor problem) $175
Operation Wolf $145
Operation Wolf $135
Phoenix $230
Pit Fighter $80
Playchoice 10 $110
Pole Position (no boards) $50
P.O.W. (wont start) $110
Primal Rage $425
Primal Rage $500
Qbert $275
Relief Pitcher $85
Roadblaster (no boards) $20
Robocop $85
Rush’n Attack (mini) $90
Sini Star $270
Slick Shot $170
Steel Gunner $600
Steel Gunner $600
Street Fighter II missed price
Street Fighter II $80
Street Fighter II (not working) $80
Sunsetriders $415
Super Contra $110
Super Contra $95
Super Hang on $400
Team Quarterback $170
Terra Presta $110
Tetris $175
The Main Event $110
The Simpsons $650
Time Killers $340
Time Killers $90
Trivia wiz (mini) $145
Trivia Wiz $45
Twin Cobra $105
Twin Eagle $130
US Classic $70
US Classic $105
Virtual Combat $225
Virtua Fighter 2 (from a kit) $750
X Men $450
X Men children of the atom $725
Wonderboy (converted Stargate not working)$20

Pacman (horrible conversion table) $350
Zaxxon $350
Space Invaders $350
Bubble Bobble (in joust table) missed price

Star Trek $375
Ridge racer $3300
Virtual On (2 seats) $3800
Speed Racer (2 seats) $2500

Dead Zone:
Space Invaders $30
Rolling Thunder $50
Shuuz $15
Bobble Bobble $50
Ameri Darts $15


Fun House

3 Popeyes in 1 row

A Fun House Pin a friend wanted

SiniStar and a converted Frenzy?

A syst 1 cab. and Mill.

My Qbert is nicer

Millipede and a D.O.A. Roadblasters

Neon Arcade

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