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Auction 7

Well here is a treat. I said back in May that there would be no more auctions until October… Then Super Auctions came to town! Held in the National Guard Armory in Mt Holly, NJ , This small auction broke up the summer auction drought . 55 vids and about 20 pinball’s went up for grabs as well as a mess of stuff form Discovery Zone including redemption, kiddy rides, audio and speaker items and enough kitchen items to have you making pizza and nachos forever!

Remember, this is a listing of the Super Auctions Summer show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)

Video Price are below

Alien Syndrome Missed price
Avengers (not working) $25
Baby Pacman (Pin part not working)$112.50
Bad dudes $50
Big Event Golf $37.50
Big Event Golf $50
Birdie King 2 $37.50
Bottem of the 9th $62.50
Caba $25
Champion Baseball 2 $37.50
The Combatrires $50
Continental Circuit $50
Coors light bowling $62.50
Coors light bowling $37.50
Columns $75
Cruis'n World(sit down) $4100
Donkey Kong Jr. $175
Double Dragon $50
Double Dragon $10
Fighter History $75
Final Fight $37.50
Frogger $75
Gates of doom $150
Great Sluggers $362
Gyruss $50
Magic Sword $100
Magic Sword $87.50
Mini Golf $100
Narc $75
Narc $75
Narc $87.50
Narc (not working) $75
NBA Jam $650
Nintendo Playchoice 10 $87.50
Operation Wolf $175
Paperboy $62.50
Pengo $150
Pit Fighter $87.50
Pole Position $75
Rim Rocket Basketball $125
Rolling Thunder $37.50
Rush'n Attack $37.50
Shinobi $37.50
Space Invaders Deluxe (not 100%) $150
Star Wars (sit down) $550
Steel Gunner 2 $425
Stocker $50
Street Fighter 2 $62.50
Street Fighter 2 $525
Street Fighter 2 $75
Suzuka 8 hours 2 (sit down) $250
Time Killers $75
Trivia Whiz $25
Tri-Sports $100
Uforobo Dangar $25


Baby Pac (1/2 working) Frogger and Pengo

Star Wars Cockpit!

Neon Arcade

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