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Auction 8!

Auction today!

Super Auctions back to town! Held in the National Guard Armory in Mt Holly, NJ Super auctions has some different rules to their auctions. Here is a run down on how things go..

1) Payment accepted includes cash, most credit cards, but no checks.
2) 10% hammer charge added to winning bid.
3) Auction staff allowed to bid, and absentee bids are allowed.
4) Sellers allowed to bid on their own items.
5) Items bought as is, where is, with no guarantees or warranties
6) Buyer pays NJ sales tax, unless exemption proof is presented.
7) Preview period from 8 am to 10am (start of auction).
8) If you bid on a wrong game and win, you can back out as long as the
auctioneer has not gotten to the fourth item down from the game backed
out of and then there is a 25$ back out fee.

They tossed out some candy and a few SUPER AUCTION hats that were pretty cool but I did'nt get anything. :-(
This small auction had 100 vids and about 20 pinball’s Pinball machines were in really nice conditions. I stayed till the end to get all the prices. So here they are!

Remember, this is a listing of the Super Auctions show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)

Ajax $150
Area 51 $925
Arkanoid $200
Bad Dudes $100
Bloxeed $50
BreakThru (durmold)$50
Bubble Bobble (not working) $50
Carnival (screen garbage) $100
Championship Sprint $125
Cleveland Browns $125
Combatribes $50
Continental Circuit 3D$175
Cyberball $175
Double Dragon $125
Fairyland Story (mini) $50
Final Fight $112.50
Final fight (mini)$50
Golden Tee Golf $250
Great 1000 mile Rally $375
Guerrilla $125
Gyruss (sprite problems) $100
Hang on $225
Hang on $275
Karate Champ $125
Killer Instinct $350
Klaxx $175
Midnight Resistance (not working)$50
Monster Mauler (not working)$20
Monte Carlo (not working)$75
Mortal Kombat $375
Mortal Kombat 2 $200
NBA Jam $275
NBA Jam $300
NBA Jam Tournament Ed. $325
NBA Jam Tournament Ed. $325
NBA Jam Tournament Ed. $350
NBA Jam Tournament Ed. $350
NEO GEO $375
NEO GEO $425
NEO GEO 2 slot$225
NEO GEO 2 slot$225
Nintendo PlayChoice 10 $150
Operation Thunderbolt $250
Operation Wolf $125
Operation Wolf $137.50
Outrun Missed Price
Popeye $175
Punch out $75
Quarterback $125
Rad Mobile $275
Shuuz $125
Silk Worm $50
Smash TV $125
Soul Edge $350
Steel Gunner $450
Street Fighter 2 $150
Street Fighter 2 $325
Street Fighter 2 Champion Ed $100
Street Fighter 2 Turbo $325
Super High Impact $275
Super High Impact $75
Tekken 2 $625
Terminator 2 $600
Terminator 2 $625
Tetris $225
Time Killers (not working) $200
Timkiller $375
TRIVA Wiz $125
Trrack & Field $75
Turbo (mini)$100
Turbo Outrun $375
Turbo Outrun $375
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $400
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $425
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $500
Ultimate Mortal Kombat$500
Vapor Trail $75
Victory Road $150
Virtua Fighter $400
Virtua Fighter $400
Virtua Fighter $450
Virtua Fighter 2 $800
WF WrestleFest $300
World Rally $300
X Men $375

Capcom bowling $112.50
Donkey Kong $275
Donkey Kong 3 $225
Donkey Kong JR $275
Make Trax$187.50
Nibbler $87.50
Pengo $175
Shinobi $50
Space Invaders$150.00

Drivers Edge $575
Drivers Edge $475
Drivers Edge $475
San Franciso Rush $3150.00


VidsMore Vids

Karate Champ on the left and WHO thought converting a Blaster to a JAMMA BreakThru was a good idea??!!??


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