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Auction 9!

Auction 9 happened one week after auction 8 , so there was little time to stock pile money for 2 auctions! Over all I had a good time at this auction held by US Amusements. one of the people I hung out with was Rick Goodman who summarized the auction pretty well in saying:

Well, today was a frustrating day at the big auction. As expected, there
were a lot of games -- probably more than 150 vids, and lots of pins too of
course. A good selection of games, in various conditions. Problem however
were the prices -- they were outrageous for the classics.

While I'll leave it to the usual gang to post the full results, here is
some of what they had there: a beautiful condition Asteroids (really top-notch
condition), outstanding Tempest cabaret/mini and also a nice Battlezone cabaret/mini,
Black Widow (monitor not working; average condition), Centipede (condition
not so great) and Millipede (average condition I guess), Satan's Hollow
(pretty poor condition), Firefox in good condition (monitor a little messed
up though), Burgertime (average condition I guess; control panel was a
pretty mediocre), a beautiful upright Space Invaders, nice Taito Space Invaders cocktail (actually two, but one
was converted into a Donkey Kong or something), a cocktail Space Invaders
Deluxe, Galaga (worked, but cosmetics were terrible), Galaxian (a little
better than Galaga's condition), several Ms Pacs, Gauntlet (plus several converted
into other games, as usual), Mr. Do and Mr. Do's Wild Ride (bad conditions), a
Joust 2 cabinet sadly converted into some "Plotting" game -- only the
side-art remained intact, a Joust cabinet with a Defender marquee and some Shinobi
ninja game control panel and game inside, Congo Bongo, etc etc.

Anyway, the prices really stank. For example: the Galaga, in HORRIBLE
condition, sold for $700! Should've been less than $250. The Tempest cabaret
was over $700, the Burgertime went for $425 I believe.

I think there was a lot of seller bidding going on, and in fact, most of
the nice classics (incl. the Asteroids, Burgertime, Blasteroids, a Ms Pac,
and about 6 others) I saw go back on one seller's truck (even after the high
prices). I believe the "less interesting" games probably went for some
decent deals, but in general the whole scene was rather depressing.

Oh, one cool thing I saw there -- a really old shooting game by Williams,
called "Ambush". Looked like it was from the 60's or early 70s. Cool, albeit
large cabinet (classic 2-panel back Williams style), with a lighted machine
gun mounted on the panel. The targets are a mechanical pop-up type -- army
stuff like tanks, boats, etc in a jungle environment, and they are
knocked down by some optical method. It wasn't working perfectly, but good
enough to jiggle a play or two out of, and it was quite interesting. I'm
sure it went for really cheap (it was actually in the "dead-row", but during
the preview period a guy managed to jiggle some play out of it while I was
there). If anyone has info on this game, I'd be interested in hearing about

Good reporting Rick! With that said on to the prices including SOME Pinball
prices at special request.


Remember, this is a listing of a US Auctions show. I do not own any of the games listed here, Do not have any tie ins to the sellers or the auction personal, and will ignore all Email asking to by any of these games. My for sale area is here, not below. :-)

??? (another unknown game with no header, Not working) $10
???? (not working game with no header in Kangaroo case ) $20
1942 $70
1943 $70
1943 $90
After Burner $150
Area 51 $900
Arkanoid $30
Arkanoid Tournament $30
Asteroids (very nice) $370
Bad Dudes $50
Bad Dudes missed price
Battle Shark $150
Battle Zone (mini) $225
Big Event Golf $105
Birdie King 2 $5
Black Widow (dedicated, monitor dead) $250
Blasteroids $250
Block Out $20
Bubble Bobble $30
Bump & Jump $30
Burger Time (beautiful!) $400
Buster Bros. $30
Buster Bros.(not working) $5
Cabal $25
Cabal (in tempest case) $10
Cal 50 $40
CapCom Bowling $25
CapCom Bowling $35
CapCom Bowling $35
CapCom Bowling (bad monitor) $30
Centipede (fair shape) $305
Champion Wrestler $ 30
Chase H.Q. $335
Chelnov $40
Combatribes $45
Congo Bongo $35
Crime Fighters $30
Danger Zone $50
Dark Stalkers $190
Double Dragon $55
Dwarfs Den $120
E Swat $20
Eight Ball $30
Enduro Racer $145
Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters $350
Final Fight $40
Final Fight $50
Fire Fox (MINT!) $250
Future Spy $45
Galaga ( ive seen nicer for a lot less) $675
Galaxian (crappy case) $400
Gauntlet (bad Pac-man burn in) $410
Golden Axe $30
Golden Axe $35
Golden Axe $55
Guardians of the Hood $115
Guerrilla $30
Hang On (not working) $130
Hard Driven' $450
High Impact Football $60
Hydra $55
Karate Champ (I bought this one) $50
Kid Nik $30
Killer Instinct 2 $625
King of the Fighters 96 $190
Klax (bad monitor) $10
Krazy Bowl $85
Krull $150
Leader Board Golf $20
Legendary Wings
M.V.P. (broken header) 35
M.V.P. (no picture) $35
Mad Dog 2 $525
Mario Bros. $65
Mat Mania $15
Mat Mania $20
Mat Mania $30
Midnight Resistance $30
Midnight Resistance $40
Millipede ( little nicer then the Centipede) $385
Missile Command (not working) $180
Mortal Kombat $100
Mortal Kombat $75
Mortal Kombat 2 $270
Mortal Kombat 2 $350
Mortal Kombat 2 $375
Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate $375
Mortal Kombat 4 (3 months old) $1275
Mr Do! $320
Mr. Do's Wild Ride $50
Ms Pac Man $550
Ms Pac Man (running heart burn) $525
N.A.R.K. $60
N.A.R.K. $55
NBA Jam $35
NBA Jam $355
NBA Jam (Tournament Edition) $270
NBA Jam (Tournament Edition) $325
NEO GEO 2 slot? $90
NEO GEO 6 slot (not working) $300
Ninja Garden (not working) $20
Off Road (2 player) $130
Operation Thunderbolt $170
Operation Thunderbolt $200
Operation Thunderbolt (logic problems) $90
Operation Wolf $170
OutRun $120
OutRun $475
Pac man (in a Ms pac case and header) $225
Paper Boy $95
Perfect Billiards (Dragon Lair cabinet , Not working) $20
Pit Boss Superstar $30
Pit Fighter $30
Pit Fighters $50
Plotting (in Joust 2 cabinet) $40
Pole Position 2 (not working) $40
Police Trainer $1000
Puzznic $20
Quarterback $20
Quarterback $60
Racin Force Missed Price
Rampage $215
Rastan $50
Rastan (not working) $20
Relief Pitcher $35
Rim Rocken Basketball (in Gauntlet cabinet) $50
Road Blaster (I bought this one) $115
Road Blasters $90
Road Blasters (not working) $65
Robocop Missed Price
S.P.Y. $30
Samurai Showdown $450
Satans Hollow (not working) $70
Scramble $195
Shinobi $30
Shniboi $20
Shniboi (in Joust case, defender header, Stern Control Panel ) $20
Shogun Warriors $40
Silk Worm $15
Skins $220
Sly Shark $55
Snow Bros. $30
Space Invaders $470
Speed King $35
Steel Gunner $345
Steel Gunner 2 $290
Street Fighter 2 $20
Street Fighter 2 $275
Street Fighter 2 $40
Street Fighter 2 $50
Street Fighter 2 $75
Street Fighter 2 $85
Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition (homemade header) $65
Street Fighter the Movie $245
Super Contra $30
Super Contra $50
Super Contra $55
Super Hang On $120
Super Hang On $165
Super Hang On $175
Super Mario Bros. $20
Super Mario Bros. $50
Super Mario Bros. $25
Super Mario Bros. $70
Super pacman (with Ms Pac header) $165
Superman $30
Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles $250
Tempest (Mini) $725
Tetris $30
Tetris $60
Tetris (gang wars header) $20
The Combatribes $30
The Final Round (not working) $20
Time Pilot 84 $70
Toobin $255
Top Gunner $40
Touch Down Fever $40
Track and Field (not working) $30
Vapor Trail $50
WF Superstars $45
Wrestle War $90
WWF Superstars (monitor problems) $20
WWF Superstars (not working) $20
WWF Wrestlefest $90
X men $350

Birdie King 2 $85
Bomb Jack (no top glass) $40
Commando $155
Donkey Kong $210
Donkey Kong (monitor problems)$45
Donkey Kong 3 $65
Donkey Kong JR. $150
Rally X (not working) $80
Rygar $55
Space Invaders $215
Space Invaders Deluxe (not working) $90

Alpine Racer (monitor all red) $4050
Battler of the Solar System $325
Crusin' USA $2500
Crypt Killers $2500
Dirt Dasher $2650
Moto Frenzy $600
Out Run (2 player) $2150
Ridge Racer $1850
San Fransisco Rush (now power) $2450
Suzka 8 Hours $1900
Suzka 8 Hours $400

911 $800
Adams Family $1350
Airborn $895
Apollo 13 $1000
Black Water $475
Bride of the Pin Bot $655
Creature from the Black Lagoon $900
Demolition Man $650
Dinner $850
Dirty Harry $850
Getaway $600
Indiana Jones $1050
Judge Dred $525
Kings of Steel $350
Laser War $375
Mr. & Mrs. Pacman Pinball (very worn playfield) $300
Pool Sharks $450
Shaq Attack $600
Star Trek NG $850
Star Wars $875
Starship Troupers $1400
The Flintstones $1500
Time Machine $375
Twister $1100
X files $1375



Centipede, Millipede and Asteroids

Drool, Drool, Drool!

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