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5th Annual Classic Pinball Show & Sale

Just in time to break up the summer blahs, 5th Annual Classic Pinball Show & Sale at the Wayne Elks Lodge, in Wayne, New Jersey, was just enough to make me forget the lack of auctions in the summer months. With the show running from 10AM to 5PM, with hourly giveaways, who could go wrong? There was also the chance to win a pinball machine. Lots of parts and other coin-op stuff too. We spent the day playing, trading and talking. The show was held on the 19 of August, which is the day after my birthday, so it made as a nice birthday present as well. Check out the pictures!

Stuff for sale in the yard.jpg
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A shot of the grounds.jpg
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Classic Pinball was selling parts there.jpg
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Inside, Parts were avaiable from many vendors.jpg
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More pinball machines to play inside.jpg
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More pins in the yard an a lone Millipede.jpg
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More video machine for sale, even a Ms Pac.jpg
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My son Erik gets busy on an Arkanoid clone.jpg
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Nice cocktails for sale.jpg
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Older machines were running inside as well.jpg
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Pinball closeup in the gazebo.jpg
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Road Runner.jpg
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Some nice pins were for play or for sale in the gazebo.jpg
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Some Videos to play here as well.jpg
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A long shot in the gazebo.jpg
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