7th Annual Classic Pinball Show & Sale

The 7th Annual Classic Pinball Show & Sale at the Wayne Elks Lodge, in Wayne, New Jersey, was a good break form the slow show pace of summer. Running from 10 AM to 5 PM, with hourly giveaways, and rows of games to play, I was happy to attend , as I missed out last year because I was sick the day of the show. There was also the chance to win a pinball machine, and the lucky winners were captured on film below! Lots of parts and other coin-op stuff to buy and We all spent the day playing, trading and talking. The show was held on September 14th 2002, Check out the pictures!

The place where the actions is.jpg
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A full row of pins in the inside gameroom.jpg
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All games inside set on Free Play.jpg
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More free play games inside.jpg
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More machines in the inside gameroom.jpg
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It doesn't get any newer then Roller Coaster Tycoon.jpg
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NEW Roller Coaster Tycoon.jpg
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Pinball Magic and junkyard.jpg
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Never a show without a Ms Pac Man.jpg
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Super Hang on.jpg
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Luke takes a crack at Super Hang On.jpg
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Luke plays a mini Skee ball.JPG
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There's the pitch.jpg
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The ball is wild.jpg
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More machines ouside.jpg
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Nice Super Mario pin.jpg
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No Fear and Johnny Mnemonic.jpg
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Long shot of the flea market.jpg
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Classic Pins and Vids.jpg
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Lots of Neons.jpg
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Older pins for sale.jpg
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Parts machines too.jpg
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All for sale.jpg
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Rampage World Tour.jpg
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More items in the outdoor arcade.jpg
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Restored Rock-ola.jpg
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Road Race video.jpg
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Some video machines outside in the arcade.jpg
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A brand new Monopoly.jpg
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The ticket is pulled.jpg
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The lucky winner hand over their ticket.jpg
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The Winners of the door prize.jpg
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