One of the best investments I’ve made over the years, has been investing in 3-D printing. I started off with one printer, but now own four and have access to a fifth if required. I won’t lie, I was a bit worried about leaning to draw in 3D, but in the end its been most rewarding
Here you will find designs and files related to Arcade items I’ve printed To enrich this hobby.
Most are original designs, but may include modifications to others creations with links to help you along the way

  • Mark Davidson


K7000 19" Fan Bracket

A fan and power supply mount for the Wells-Gardner K7000 19” frame


Securing bracket for the SKYCURSER thumb drives

Remote board holder for a Wells Gardner U5000, and possibly others

Lost my original, so I drew a new one

Housing for a 16 channel relay board.

16 channel relay board sold by Martin P Jones and Associates Inc

Ms. Pac Man aux board or 96-1 kit support

A mount to hold ether the original Aux board or Mike Doyle's Multi-Pac 96 in one kit tothe main board

Trigger for House of The Dead III -  HDT-2103-01

A recreation of Sega part # HDT-2103-01. The trigger for House of The Dead III

Compact Flash Mounting frame (CarnEvil)

For mounting the Hard Drive replacement Horizontally rather the vertically 

Atomiswave Gun board frame

Atomiswave gun board mount 

Fan Box for Arcade Jason's Pi Position

Fan Cover for Arcade Jason's Pi Position board

Speed Fan cover 

"Speed"Fan cover for Pi Position Fan Box

Formula 1 Fan cover 

"Formula 1" Fan cover for Pi Position Fan Box

Racing Flags Fan cover

"Racing Flags"Fan cover for Pi Position Fan Box

Seaga VC6000 Slim Jim Saver

Spiral helper for the Seaga vc6000 candy vender

Seaga vc6000 thick item spiral 

Enlarged Spiral for the Seaga vc6000 candy vender

Nintendo / Fit it Felix Power entry 

Needed a plate to fill the hole cut for a Nintendo supply in my Fix it Felix build

USB A power jack

I needed some USB jacks inside an arcade cabinet. This might help out the MAME crowd

Amp Cube

A case for a common 15 x 15 Watt stereo amp

Custom Power Supply For my Fix It Felix

I needed special requirements in my Fix It Felix Build so a custom case was made

Scanline Generator Case

A case for Walfront branded Scanline Generators

Ultimarc iPAC2 box

There are bumpers out there, but I wanted something more in a box form

Raspberry Pi 3 case Remix

Raspberry Pi 3 case remixed for a 50mm Fan and used in my first Fix it Felix attempt

Raspberry Pi 4 case Remix

Raspberry Pi 4 case remixed for a 50mm Fan and used in my final Fix it Felix build

Wreck it Ralph fan cover

50mm Fan Cover used on ether Raspberry Pi  case Remix

Steller Labs Keyboard holder

Needed for my Fix It Felix Build

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