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So I’ve decided to change this area up a bit, and instead of it being a collection of pictures of full machine acquisitions, I’m going to make it a little more active and include everything arcade related in a more blogging stile. Projects, Ideas, parts troubleshooting and thoughts will be discussed here

Wreck-It Ralph

Raspberry Pi running Windows Version of Fix-it Felix Jr.

So I’ve decided I want to build a wreck-it Ralph Arcade machine of my own. But instead of putting a standard PC to run the gaming component, I’ve taken the challenge of making it run on a single board computer, specifically the raspberry pi. Overall, it was a challenging part of the project that I’ll detail when I get the project done. Check out the unedited video, running on my raspberry pi with the custom Ralph case I 3-D printed for it.

PlayStation 2 JAMMA

I already have a PlayStation 2 version of this set up, but I’ve recently picked up a PlayStation 1 and jamma board adapter to incorporate more consol games in the environment of an arcade. The PlayStation is also modded to be region free 

Multi Game Light Gun Project

At some point, I want to make a multi game that has nothing but light gun shooters in it. Part of the challenge here, is that I will need to switch the Opto guns from one board to another with the push of a button. These relay boards should get the job done, but will require a ton of wiring to get it all in place. I hand drew and printed the cases for them as well. As you can probably guess, red will be for the red gun and blue for blue. 

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